IoW Executive Director Job Description-June 2018

In the United States, water data have been collected by hundreds of federal, state, and local agencies for decades, yet we are still unable to answer fundamental questions about our water systems in a timely way: How much water is there? What is its quality? How is it used? Because the data have been collected by different agencies, for different purposes, at different scales, and are scattered across multiple platforms with different standards, they are rarely used beyond their original purpose. The Internet of Water (IoW) is a bold vision to improve water data infrastructure and fundamentally transform water management. Today, “Internet of Water”describes a federation of data producers, hubs, and users, currently in its unstructured infancy, which without direction is unlikely to evolve into a form or function that would actually affect water sustainability in a reasonable time frame.

The lack of structure, direction, and attention points to the need for a governance organization whose primary mission is to facilitate the sharing and integration of data between producers, users, and hubs – that is, to implement and advance the IoW. The Executive Director will play a lead role in managing IoW activities such as coordinating efforts between data hubs, articulating a clear vision for policies and procedures to share data, providing technical and non-technical resources for data producers and hubs, and demonstrating the value of integrating water data and capturing that value to ensure the IoW can become self-sustained.

The Executive Director provides vision, coherence, and leadership to the Internet of Water (IoW). The Executive Director is responsible for the initial launch of the IoW over a 3-year period. The IoW will initially be housed at the Nicholas Institute at Duke University with the goal of transitioning to a different, or standalone, organization in the third year. The Director will manage a full time staff of 2-3 persons, 50% of the Senior Water Policy Associate at the Nicholas Institute, and university students if applicable. The IoW project will be supported by the Nicholas Institute Grant Manager and the Development Team. This person will work with the Advisory Group to oversee the administration, strategic planning, and implementation of the IoW. Other duties include developing a business strategy, marketing, advocacy and outreach. The director will report to the Chair of the Advisory Group, who will be housed at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions (NI) at Duke University. The Executive Director will also be housed at the Nicholas Institute in Durham, NC with the expectation that he/she must be able to travel, particularly to Washington D.C. This position has an initial term-limit of three years with the potential for continuity based on the performance and sustainability of the project.

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