I participated on the Streamflow Information Collaborative webinar on July 10, 2018.  Sara Larsen with the Western States Water Council gave a very informative update on her work with sharing western states water data.  More details on WaDE and how the portals interact can be found at:  www.wade.westernstateswater.org

The Collaborative is now interested in expanding the data served beyond those of the western states and Sara would very much like input from water agencies east of the Mississippi to review the metrics used and see if those utilized in the western states still make sense as the data exchanges expand to encompass more states.  For those of you formatting and developing databases, Sara has set up a GitHub where you can look at the architecture currently utilized and make suggestions on format, how you would like to download data, use of Cloud services, etc.  The address of the GitHub is:


While Sara certainly didn’t guarantee that all suggestions could be incorporated, she did say she would review all input carefully and really wants ideas to make the data exchanges work for all.

More information about the Streamflow Information Collaborative can be found here: