Benefits of Membership

Since ICWP was established in 1959, much has changed; significant investments have been made in water supply and flood protection, in reducing water pollution and in conserving wetlands and habitat for endangered species. Those investments must be sustained and the challenges we face in planning for a sustainable future are growing more complex and expensive.

It is increasingly difficult to build or improve infrastructure for water supply, navigation, wastewater or stormwater management. The public’s demand that we harmonize water supply, power generation, navigation and flood protection with ecological and recreation needs will continue to grow. Non-point sources of sediment, nutrients and other pollutants are proving to be much more difficult to control than the municipal and industrial “point sources” that were the focus when the Clean Water Act was adopted.

These challenges are further complicated by the cumulative impact of previous development and the fiscal limitations confronting our agencies and organizations at every level of American society. Progress in this context will require greater awareness and more sophisticated understanding of the issues, more timely and coordinated response to opportunities, and more persistent connection with federal and congressional leaders. This is precisely the role that the ICWP was established to play and it has served this function well. But we can do more with stronger membership participation.

Given the dynamic and competitive nature of activity in the federal legislative and executive arenas, ICWP members find that it is especially important right now to have a presence in Washington and keep abreast of important developments. ICWP provides these capabilities and opportunities through national conferences and webinars, regional conferences, legislative and regulatory roundtable discussions, workshops cosponsored with federal agencies, committee meetings, and a physical presence in Washington, DC.

ICWP provides an opportunity for water managers and others to keep up-to-date on water policy issues and management considerations, and to ensure federal, state, and local officials are exposed to these issues. Through regional and national roundtables and conference workshops, members can network with each other and with regulators to discuss common concerns and focus attention on effective measures of developing water resources solutions. The ICWP is committed to serving its membership by:


  • Sharing information with its members and others interested in water resource use, development and management. This is accomplished through the following vehicles: national conferences and annual meetings; D.C. legislative and federal affairs roundtables; workshops cosponsored with federal agencies; and the national office.
  • Providing members with opportunities to network with others in the water resource management field. At ICWP sponsored meetings, conferences, and workshops and through national office referrals, members can share concerns, ideas, and insight with other water professionals.
  • Testifying before Congress on behalf of members and representing members’ interests before key federal agencies. As the national voice for water resource managers, ICWP provides the vehicle through which the needs of members from all geographical areas can be heard.
  • Providing members with the opportunity to shape Council policy, priorities, and Congressional testimony.