See ICWP’s White House Water Summit Commitment

The Interstate Council on Water Policy (ICWP) is announcing that over the next 24 months, it will engage over 100 partners—including State water-management agencies, interstate basin commissions, and NGOs—in (1) communicating the importance of water data and science in informing water resources policy and planning; and (2) identifying and promoting opportunities to enhance State and regional water-resource planning efforts. As part of this effort, ICWP will convene at least two national stakeholder workshops focused on waterdata collection and water use, and at least two workshops highlighting successful practices from State and interstate water-plan development.


ICWP Welcomes our WSWC Friends to Wash DC!!

What a great time to be in DC, Cherry Blossom Peak, with such a great ICWP Roundtable Program!  Our Western partners, WSWC, will help us energize the signals we want to send the federal government

22Mar Water Planners Conf

23Mar Water Leadership Roundtable & Reception, and

24Mar Congressional Briefings (streamgage & PAS)

Congrats to USGS Leadership

We’re so eager to meet with you and compare strategic plans with USGS on 22March at the ICWP Water Planners Conference!

USGS Leadership Progress

Big News from the USGS is that Don Cline has accepted the Associate Director of Water position, as Bill Werkheiser moves into the USGS Deputy Director position. Don’s appointment is a little unusual, as he comes in from outside USGS and the inside candidates were so strong, but it looks like a great addition to their Senior Leadership for water data and science. Kudos to Acting Director Kimball!

DC Roundtable 2016 -SAVE THE DATE!

We are planning the DC Roundtable for the 21-24 March 2016, to include a Planners Seminar, the Roundtable with federal agency leaders, a strategy discussion with Congressional committee staff and a discussion with USGS/Water leadership. SAVE THE DATES & RESERVE YOUR HOTEL ROOM SOON!

Mississippi River Watershed Assessment

From St Louis
A group of Mississippi River basin stakeholders met last week to unveil their new, basin-wide Report Card for discussion about how to promote the strongest follow-up action plan.
Dru Buntin and Sue Lowry have been active in the steering committee, and TNC has been a strong organizing force. The indicators they developed are very comprehensive and useful in building support and funding for implementation. This Report Card seems like a great step forward for a huge watershed.

USGS Water Leader Appointment

From Washington, DC
While we were in Little Rock, studying the development strategies for water use data, groundwater and drought plans, the USGS was recruiting new leadership for their Water Mission. Acting Director Kimball and Deputy Director Werkheiser got the results from the interview team they appointed, and invited me to help interview the top 3 candidates. Since Bill Werkheiser has accepted the Deputy appointment, the Associate Director position he is leaving will need immediate attention, and it is very satisfying to be able to report to you that they have very strong candidates who represent a bright future (even though Eric and Pixie Hamilton are retiring this year).
Acting Director Suzette Kimball is preparing for her second Senate confirmation hearing (later this month?) and hoping to choose Bill’s replacement by the end of October. STAY TUNED!!


SAVE THE DATE for ICWP’s Annual Meeting September 29 – October 1, 2015. Click here for more info.

Webinar: Securing More Funding for Water Monitoring

Join us to discover proven techniques and strategies that have achieved increased funding.

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Starting Jan2015!!

We are pleased to announce that Ryan Mueller, P.E. is the unanimous choice of the ICWP Board of Directors to become Executive Director of our organization! Ryan will begin full time on January 1, 2015. Peter Evans is retiring from the position, but will continue on a part-time basis as our Washington contact and senior adviser.

As a long-time member of ICWP, a past Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, Ryan has shown sustained enthusiasm for the mission of ICWP and will help us achieve the goals set out in our new Strategic Plan. We also hope to build on Ryan’s work to expand by continuing to enhance the value of membership.

We owe great thanks, of course, to Peter and to Jerry Schulte, who organized an excellent Selection Committee, and to the other 6 candidates who showed such great interest in and support for the ICWP mission. Thank you all!

Edward Swaim, Chairman