Committee Members and Meetings

Interstate Water Organizations Committee Members: Andrew Dehoff continues to lead our Interstate Water Organizations Committee and any Member interested in this Committee is encouraged to contact Andrew or Sue Lowry.

Meetings of the Committee: The Committee will meet at least annually as the Interstate Organizations Caucus, in conjunction with the ICWP Annual Meeting, and more often/specifically as the need arises (at the call of the Chairman). Contact either Andrew Dehoff or Sue Lowry for more information.

Implementation of the 2006 Interstate Report Recommendations: ICWP’s Interstate Committee has substantially completed the implementation of 7 recommendations endorsed by the Board of Directors as part of the 2006 report, which is still available below. Research undertaken by the Committee identified about 35 water organizations nationwide with substantial capacity for interstate collaboration and problem solving in a wide variety of geographic and legal settings. Those organizations are identified in an interactive map, which you will find by using the “Interstate Organizations Map” link below (and in the Main Menu, on the left side of this page) that will provide you with information about each organization, including contact information, a description of their responsibilities, recent project summaries and a link to their website. Implementation of the recommendations has also changed ICWP’s overall approach to the assessment of national issues and our participation in policy deliberation. These results and the underlying recommendations will receive ongoing consideration from the board of directors and during future Interstate Water Organization Caucus meetings.

Interstate Organizations Map

Important Documents:

Interstate Water Solutions for the New Millenium (February 2006)

Interstate Water Solutions for the New Millenium (February 2006) Executive Summary

Declaration of Partnership

Committee Framework

Interstate River Basin Organization’s Source Water Protection Survey Report

ICWP’s Member Interstate Organizations Links & General Information