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The ICWP is pleased to continue leading the effort to support stronger federal leadership in water science.  We appreciate the USGS leadership of the national water science effort and want to do our share to assure that federal leaders and appropriators understand the significance of that leadership role.

Integrated water resource management (IWRM) planning, with awareness of the inherent uncertainties, appears to provide the most reliable path toward sustainable management of our precious water resources.  ICWP Members are committed to the support of IWRM and the water data and science needed to inform the collaborative watershed, statewide, tribal, regional and national planning efforts.  The USGS Water Availability & Use program, and the NOAA/NWS National Water Center are significant steps forward, but we remain concerned about the slow development of information needed by decision makers to understand the uncertainties in our water science and to support the best means of reducing those uncertainties.

Since the USGS has restructured its program coordination and budget request, the letters to Interior, OMB and Congress will probably be significantly revised in the next few months.  Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated, and should be directed to Ryan Mueller.

The ICWP is pleased to continue leading the 21st Century Streamgage Support Initiative with help from many other NGOs, but especially the WSWC, ASFPM, ASCE and NWF.  Streamgages are the stethoscope on America’s rivers and water supplies, and we still need to design and develop national monitoring networks for Water Quality and Groundwater.  The ACWI, USGS, NWS, EPA and the Corps and have been the principal federal allies, and we need all the help we can get!